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Hot water circulator

The ultimate in convenience is having hot water instantly available at sinks, appliances and bathroom faucets, not to mention significant water and sewer disposal savings.

The hot water pipe ends at farthest faucet or fixture from the hot water heater, but when a re-circulating system is installed, the hot water pipe continues until it returns to the hot water tank. There are no faucets or fixtures attached to this return line.

In addition, a circulator pump, check valve and control system are installed at the water heater. When the system calls for the water to be heated, the circulator pump turns on and moves the water through the water heater, to each faucet, shower, water appliance, etc. and back through the return water pipe.

This system becomes one continuous pipe loop with available hot water when you want it. If you have a recirculation pump installed, be sure all hot water pipes are insulated.